My Cookie Secret…


Wanna know a secret? I’m only telling you so don’t tell anyone else!!!!


I can’t bake a cookie from scratch to save my life! I can bake you a cake, a pie or a loaf of bread! I can chop, slice, dice, fry, sauté, poach, whatever you want me to do in the kitchen I can and will do but when it comes to a cookie…Don’t even ask!

But as always there’s always a solution to any kitchen issue. My cookie solution (if my sister isn’t around)… Nestle Toll House Refrigerated Cookie Dough (pictured below) or Betty Crocker Cookie Mix (pictured above)!! When I tell you those are some of the best cookies hands down (besides my sisters peanut butter cookies) and the best part is I can bake em’ like a pro and take a great picture of them!

These “Pecan Turtle Delight” cookies are basically a chocolate chip cookie but with caramel in the middle and pecans on top!! Sounds good right! You can even make em’ fancy like the peanut butter cookies above that I dipped in melted chocolate chips and sprinkled with peanuts.

So I’d like to take a minute to thank Nestle and Betty for their awesome cookie hacks!! You’ve saved me on many occasions and yes if I have ever brought you cookies. Thank Nestle or Betty Crocker!

Remember this is our secret! Don’t tell anyone else!

Come back soon for another story and another great recipe!!





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