My Lemon Bar Story…



This past weekend I came across a lemon bar recipe on YouTube by Divas Can Cook and I decided to make them and of course take pictures of the finished product. (Pictured above) I mean how could I not!?! They are so pretty.

I will post the link to her recipe below, BUT first…My Lemon Bar Story.

As a little girl my family would get together on Fridays and have game night at my aunts house, but on this particular Friday my mom made a pan of lemon bars for my dad and while we were at my aunts house, my mom left the lemon bars cooling on our kitchen counter.

All through my younger years my dad raised Rottweilers and on this particular Friday evening we had 10 new puppies in the house. They were probably about four or five weeks old and my dad had them inside the house while we were gone, but their mama our dog Maxi was outside in the garage in her kennel.

We were gone for a few hours and when we returned back home my dad noticed the door inside the garage that leads into the house was open and Maxi was not in her kennel. My dad had us all stay in the car while he checked things out inside the house. He came back to the door and told us to come inside because everything was okay.

See what happened was…Maxi somehow got out of her cage, opened the door and went inside!! She was going inside to check on her babies, but she smelled those lemon bars and when we walked into the kitchen the pan was in the middle of the kitchen floor and the whole pan was licked clean!! My dad found Maxi laying in the bath tub with a full belly, happy and chillin!!!

I loved that big crazy dog!! She was the smartest big ol’ puppy around!

Okay enough with my stories. You came for the recipe!!

Oh and make sure you use real lemon juice none of the bottled up stuff!!! Squeeze a lemon or two it’s good for you!

Recipe link below!

Divas Can Cook “Classic Lemon Bars”

Come back soon for another story and another great recipe!!


One Comment Add yours

  1. Pearlene Fly says:

    Hey how cool was that. The next time I make Lemon Bars I’ll remember this story ❤️


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