Blackened Fish Tacos…


~Corn or flour tortilla shells (I use flour shells)
If you don’t want to use a tortilla you can always make this into a lettuce wrap or a salad.
~Blackened seasoning
~Fish of your choice (Tilapia or flounder will flake perfectly)
~Some sort of leafy green (I use spinach or kale)
~A Roma tomato (optional)
~A special spicy sauce is used to top the taco but that’s a secret, so you can use a spicy ranch dressing if you don’t really like spicy food you can choose to use sour cream (this is also optional)
~Any type of shredded cheese (optional)

~You can also make fresh guacamole for your tacos. You can find that recipe here…

~Whatever toppings you use for your regular tacos you can use for these

First you want to rinse your fish off and season it with blackened seasoning the more you add the spicier it will be.

Put your pan on the heat so it can heat up and then add your olive oil always remember when frying or sautéing anything remember hot pan cold oil…it will prevent your food from sticking.

Once you place the fish in the pan cook it on the one side for about 3min

Once you flip it, begin breaking it apart until it all falls apart and looks like this…

Continue cooking fish for another 2 to 3 min

Be careful not to let your fish dry out.

Once your fish is done you can begin building your tacos! See I told you its easy AND you only have ONE pan to wash!!!

There are also different versions you can make if you don’t like spicy food you can also do a lemon pepper or garlic butter. Whatever your choice…Enjoy!!

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  1. pace says:

    This is more my speed. Definitely plan on trying this one. Cinco de Mayo is just around the corner. Perfect opportunity to try something new and different. Thanks.


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