(As seen in my Black Bean Burger meal)

Making guacamole is not hard at all!


A ripe avocado (in my case I need two because I can eat guacamole on anything)

Half of a lime or lemon (I always use lemons)

½ of a small red onion chopped chunky or fine which ever you prefer. (I use a red onion because I like the contrast of colors once they are mixed together. You can use a white or yellow onion if you prefer.)

A few sprigs of fresh cilantro finely chopped

1 Roma tomato chopped

A pinch of salt (add more to taste)

*Jalapeño or Serrano peppers can be added but it is optional

Simple ingredients right?!?!?

Choosing the right avocado can be tricky sometimes. If you are looking to make guacamole the same day look for a black avocado, once you locate a black one gently squeeze it to see if it gives a little, if it does you have a good one, don’t squeeze too hard because that may cause bruising.

Okay so if you want to use it in a few days you can get a slightly green one so it can ripen more once you get it home, it will usually ripen fully in 1-2 days once you have it home. If you need it on the weekend and you are shopping early in the week it would be best to get a green one or you will be out shopping for a new avocado.

Now that you have your avocado and all of the rest of your ingredients let’s start!

First you can wash, prep and cut up all of your ingredients for your guacamole leaving the avocado for last.

Once you’re done with the other ingredients wash off your avocado, take a knife and press it down until you hit the seed, once you hit the seed follow it all the way around and twist it apart. The seed is pretty big and you will need a spoon to separate it from the flesh of the avocado. Once you remove the seed, spoon it all out into a bowl. Use a fork to mash the avocado.

Cut your lemon or lime in half and squeeze it over your mashed avocado. This will prevent it from browning.

Add all of the ingredients that you have previously chopped.

*With the jalapeño be careful…if you just want a little heat remember to seed it. If you are using Serrano peppers and you want to burn for face off feel free to leave the seeds in.

Add salt slowly to avoid over salting it.

Remember you can always add more when it comes to seasoning food but you can’t take it back out.

You will want to take into account what you may be eating it with because that will also have salt in it as well so in this case less is more. You can use guacamole on top of a burger or tacos, a salad or just eat it with tortilla chips.

This recipe is a great base for different versions of guacamole. You can add things like bacon, smoked fish, mangoes and even pineapples! Let me know what you try!


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    Sounds delightful


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